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Prequel Novella

Is She Making a Huge Mistake?

Jamison Jones Scott should be on top of the world... She's almost finished with her residency and is two months away from a fabulous job and a wedding to a rich and hot surgeon. But nothing seems right--especially her attitude. It's all on the line...can she fix it in time? Or does she even want to?

About the Author

D.W. Brooks

Author, Physician, and Kidney Transplant Survivor

Becoming an author was an early dream of mine but was pushed aside by practical considerations. A health crisis awakened the desire to write again. And with the ability to self-publish, I could see a path to getting my stories out of my head and into books that others could enjoy.

As children, my cousins and I created worlds which we filled with interesting and vibrant characters. Those lessons working with them help me create characters and worlds now.

— D. W. Brooks

Praise for Homecoming Chaos

“Brooks creates a compelling series of chaotic encounters in which disparate characters harboring their own special interests and prejudices grow from their mistakes as well as their successes.”
Homecoming Chaos takes you on an entertaining journey with engaging characters, intriguing mystery, and relatable family drama. Don't miss it!
Toschia Moffett
Attorney, Author, Entrepreneur, COO, Prosperity Publications, LLC
Homecoming Chaos is an intriguing read with a skillful mix of mystery, family drama, romance and wit. Kudos to D.W. Brooks for such a dynamic debut novel!
Norma L. Jarrett
Author of Salt and Sky, The Sunday Brunch series, Sweet Magnolia, and other novels

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